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China - für Interim Manager attraktiv? Über Mega-Trends und ihre Potentiale 07/2014 (Teil 1)
Über Mega-Trends und die daraus entstehenden Chancen für Interim Manager. Interim Manager Ausgabe 2, Teil 1
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How big the the Chinese middle class? 11/2011
The middle class, while growing rapidly, remains small and geographically disparate.The emergence of China as a mass consumption market is a mainstay of any article arguing that the country is on track to become an economic superpower. But it will be decades before the Chinese middle class matches its counterparts in the US and Europe as a consumption force. The middle class, while growing rapidly, remains small and geographically disparate, thus continuing to present challenges to foreign companies seeking to tap growing consumption demand... read more in the article
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China's Wine Market with great potential 11/2011
The surging demand for wine in China has made the country one of the most important target markets for global wine producers, as regular Chinese consumers are becoming more receptive to Western wine, and wealthy Chinese buyers are considering red wine as a new type of speculative investment to counter inflation. Promising wine consumption market While traditional wine consumption markets in the West are all declining... Read more in the article attached
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