Systemic Business Coaching

Everone is always part of a system - in the family, in a group, in teams or organisations. The basic attitude in systemic coaching is that humans are in an interrelationship with the system(s) - activities and even minor changes made by the individual members of the system always show possible effects to the overall system. At the same time, the individual is the expert for his life. The coach acts as "facilitator" - by asking the "right" questions (for the process) and using useful tools -, supporting the coachee in finding the best fitting solution and next concrete steps of action. It is a trust-based process of high regard and on eye level.

Effective Systemic Solution Focus Tools

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Ausgehend vom Blick auf das, was bereits da ist, wird der Wunschzustand entwickelt.

Die Arbeit mit dem Solution Focus ist ein systemischer Coaching-Ansatz, der, vorwärtsgerichtet - die Zukunft im Blick -, sehr effektiv zu wirksamen Lösungen und Maßnahmen führt. Der Solution Focus konzentriert sich auf das, was schon vorhanden ist an Stärken,  Kompetenzen und Ressourcen. Also auf dem, was bereits gut läuft oder in der Vergangenheit gut funktioniert und sich bewährt hat. Darauf aufbauend werden Verbesserungen in Richtung Zielbild entwickelt und mit gezielten Schritten in konkrete Massnahmen umgesetzt. So dass zielgerichtete Aktionen die Verwirklichung der eigenen Vision herbeiführen.


"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world", wusste schon der US-Futurist Joel A. Barker


Fast effectiveness:



Small steps can intitiate first changes. From them further measures can be developed. Step by step.

High Identification:


All persons involved support the solution developed without resistance. A culture of positive high regards fosters the own initiative, innovative power and productivity of the employees, their motivation and creativity. It encourages "thinking out of the box".

Fast reaction and flexibility:



With the solution-focused method and its effective tools a long and costly process can be avoided, allowing quick interventions along the way. The focus is on viable next steps.

The Solution Focus is a very effective method for multinational teams, in international organisations and global management.  As it is a considerate and appreciative way of interaction with each other, intercultural differences are bridged in a very appreciative way to develop joint sustainable solutions, work and communication practices. Even over distance. Changes are supported instead of opposed. With globalisation and digitalisation, the world is getting more and more complex with a high reaction speed to trends and developments in various fields. Solution Focus helps managing in such a high degree of uncertainty and rapid changes and improves not only communication which proves to be a key challenge in intercultural cooperation in the workplace.

Tailor-made individual Coaching for Individuals & Teams

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