Intercultural Management Competence

Overcoming "mole hills"

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Tailor-made intercultural management trainings aim at circumvening these "mole hills" and stumbling blocks in communication and interaction with each other in order to ease the mutual cooperation and avoid potential misunderstandings, misattrributions and blunders. As a consequence, alternative courses of action to the "known " and unconscious behaviour which is culturally rooted, can be developed and new ways of behaviour called "code switching" can be developed and trained.

Global Business Awareness Trainings & Workshops

For professionals, executives and teams that are working globally, in international projects and are communicating (virtually) over distance. In headquarters and local subsidiaries. And between them.


Country-specific Intercultural Management

We offer country-specific trainings with different specialisations (e.g. communication, negotiations) and countries. We can also offer combined country-specific trainings in tandems via our  trainer and coaching network with experienced experts.





Diversity Management in Organisations

The need in organisations not only to make their foreign business grow, but to become more diverse in headquarter operations in the home market. Intercultural management competence is key to get the best out of culturally mixed employees and teams in the workplace. A successful integration that unleashes the potential, skills and energy in the organisation leading to an increase in competitiveness and innovation presents challenges for professionals and executives. The diversity moderation is a dialogic-creative process.

China Competencies in Trainings & Workshops

China is developing very fast and becoming more and more diverse and differentiated. We keep on track on the latest actual developments, trends and its implications on business interactions. For "newcomers" to the market as well as for "China hands" we provide valuable insights to improve your sino-cooperation and cross-cultural collaboration.


With slower growth rates, making your China Organisation more efficient and profitable and achieving new milestones will be a management imperative. Improvements in intercultural communication and management foster a deeper and trustful exchange with Chinese collegueaus, business partners and customers, making these interactions more "efficient".

Tailor-made, individually designed, with high practical management expertise

Solution Focus in intercultural Training & Coaching

Systemic solution-focused Methods and proven tools are implemented in our intercultural trainings and workshops. The latest insights in cultural, communications studies, neuroscience and international management are combined with profound hands-on management experience.


Solution Focus is very powerful. For clarifying and finding new ways in various individual matters, in working globally and in teams with a highly respectful and appreciative way.  Especially in Asian cultures with a more indirect implicit communication this approach proves very effective.


Trainings and Workshops are tailor-made and adapted to the practical needs of the participants. Participants benefit from the broad professional practical work expertise of the trainers.


Please contact us for more details regarding specific training formats, areas of focus and country specific combinations in our Trainer and Coach network.